Margaret River 2014

I went. I saw. I conquered (my stage fright).


I stayed with John and Caroline Wood, the most generous and delightful publishers ever. Yes, in their house. And yes, their house is in the middle of the woods.


With Graeme SimsionJoan London, and John Mateer to name but three. MR your festival is no small great thing.


My first exposure to the Indian Ocean. Sometimes very very far from home can look like right next door. We even saw a little rainbow; no leprechauns.


We launched our anthology: The Trouble With Flying and Other Stories. $24: bargain.


We drank wine. In Margaret River, why not?! I made a new bestie: Ruth Wyer. She’s not only an exceptionally talented writer, the winner of this year’s competition, features in the Sleepers Almanac 9; but she’s also just lovely inside and out. No haters, please. Her self-deprecation is unparalleled. I heart her.


We had a few jaunts. Met loads of lovely folk. And then, even more lovelier folk; like Louise Allan, Emily Paull, and Kristen Levitzke. Heard a lot. Pondered a lot. Discussed refugees with Robin de Crespigny. I gave Peter Goldsworthy a pinky swear greeting – still not sure if this will be my finest or most embarrassing memory. We ate like royalty. And were ever so content in that elusive ‘writing bubble’ for a weekend.


And, I slammed. A code-switching poem. English/Irish//Béarla/Gaeilge. Onstage. First time in my life. A lifetime of mad-writer-in-her-attic/hiding-my-writing-under-my-pillow thanks to the inimitable Eleanor Jackson for holding my hand. What an ambassador Australian Poetry has chosen!

I couldn’t have expected a better time. I am so very happy I went.

Thank you Margaret River for a time of my life.

6 thoughts on “Margaret River 2014

  1. It was a fun weekend, wasn’t it? A more intimate writers festival but with some great authors and entertaining discussions. It was lovely to meet you too, Lauren.

    PS/ I just flicked through your website—I see you’re writing a novel too. We need to stay in touch!


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