Squiggly Arse Crack Reviews


Looking good.

Emily Paull (@BatgirlElimy) reviewed my arse crack with all of its squiggles and found it comically stable.

Award for the best title in the bunch should have gone to Lauren Foley for her story “Squiggly Arse Crack”, which is a story about the disorienting feeling of being a new mum and having no time for yourself.  The character oscillates between concern about the loss of her status as ‘woman’ and her fierce love for her child.  The narrative voice in this piece is funny, matter of fact, and beautifully consistent.

You can find Emily’s full review here. And her oh-so enticing website here.

Anne Skyvington (@Anneofthesky) also reviewed my squiggly arse crack; she found it – comically skew-whiff.

Lauren Foley in “Squiggly Arse Crack” also deals with the theme of new motherhood, but in a totally different vein.  This is a clever story, and a funny, quirky one. The language is especially clever, mimicking that of a baby with its rhythms and its inanities, and yet managing to further the storyline at the same time: “’Ooh Baba! Two Baba! You Baba! Zoo Baba!’ whatever she hollers Squig settles swiftly to her sounds, (Ding dong) Trump, trump, trump—a knocking at the door. ‘Rat-a-tat-tat.’ Poking her face over Squig’s crib. Clump, clump, clump as she stumbles over the labyrinth of baby junk, unpacked possessions, and discarded gift wrap.” (p.75) Infantile regression in motherhood is suggested by the use of baby talk throughout the story. And the highs and lows of new motherhood—its passion and its stressors–are depicted once again in this story, but through the use of humour this time.

The new mother’s obsession with changing nappies and cleaning bottoms is highlighted obliquely with delicious irony, through the theme of the mother’s burgeoning figure—her “arse crack”– introduced in the very first sentence and developed later on in relation to the baby’s nether regions: “Do you think Squig’s bum looks big in this?” (p.76). The hurried pace to this story is suggestive of the mother’s harried day, ever subjugated to the whims of her new master, the baby: “Unlocking her car she’s reminded of a Facebook meme from the other day: ‘You know your life has changed when…going to the shops by yourself is a holiday’—motherhood.” (p.78)

You can find Anne’s full review here. Or, on her wonderfully wavy website.

Thank you very much ladies for your glowing reviews of Squiggly Arse Crack. I now feel almost as if the sun is shining out of it – boom boom!

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