Writers on Parade


It’s ready for reading — Volume 7 of Writers on Parade: the annual journal from Kensington and Norwood Writers Group (KNWG).

Being a relative newbie to South Australia I tried a few writers’ groups on for size before settling into this one. It is very close to my home – true. The members include established and emerging writers – true too. I stuck with this one, because I found a group I  wanted to be a part of, which hasn’t happened to me very often in life. It is a case of whether the group fits you, as well as if you fit the group, and I immediately felt both here. These were people who read voraciously and wrote with passion and integrity – seemed like a perfect fit.

I was a guest at one meeting last August. Then, I attended the next and—trembling—read my own work, having not shared any writing with a public since university, circa 2004. But, KNWG encouraged me and instructed me; critiqued me and praised me. One might even say they – raised me. I still don’t know very many people in Australia. But, I consider this group a wee surrogate family I’ve adopted for myself here. I love this group that was born when I was just six years old, and never imagined I would live in the land of Skippy, the kangaroo and Fatso, the wombat, nearly thirty years later – you can read more about that here.

Thanks KNWG for existing and being an integral part of my writing life. Thanks also to Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council for their ongoing support. KNWG invites new members. A list of our meetings can be found here.

Writers on Parade is available for purchase in Dillons, Norwood. My short story Being Themselves features. As does my poem See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.

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