Campbelltown Literary Awards Commends


I had great news Friday last. I came home to a lovely letter and cheque for $200 in my mailbox. I had received a Commendation at the Campbelltown Literary Awards for my short story Growing Up Baby. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to attend the awards night as it clashed with my writing group’s AGM; but what a wonderful start to the weekend and to Spring.

I was impressed by the organisation of this competition—four different age categories and an overall winner—so I duly entered. The only requirement was to relate your story in some way to Campbelltown. I don’t live too far from there and often visit. But, I think anyone could do some research on the area if they wanted to enter and weren’t from the locality. I think opening up regional competitions in this way is a great opportunity for New and Emerging Writers.

I’m totally chuffed to have won, particularly for this story – as I really love it. You do have stories that you love more than others, and this is one of them. It started out as the beginning of a completely different story over a decade ago when I was an undergrad. I recently brought that story to my writers’ group for critique and someone suggested using only the child’s voice, so I rewrote the whole story beginning with the original two paragraphs and this competition in mind. I was delighted with where it ended up, and then I won a prize too. Woo hoo.

Thank you .@CampbelltownSA. Thank you judges. And, thank you most of all to the other entrants.

My story—Growing Up Baby—and the other prize winning stories are available to read here.


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