Over The Edge New Writer Of The Year 2014


Shortly after I walked into the house last Friday evening having just opened my Campbelltown win letter—in the spirit of following the rainbow, Ireland / riding the wave, Australia—I checked the Over The Edge New Writer Of The Year 2014 results online. And, I was listed. Yippee. My name was on the longlist.

Immediately, I did the writing-competition-winner-times-two-dance around my kitchen. This dance differs per person – mine is a mash up of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Pulp Fiction, Risky Business, and some freestyling (including ringing people and posting online). How’s about that for a double whammy?

I entered two pieces into .@OverTheEdgeOpen 2014. One poem Burqa Babes. And, one short story Salad Dressing. Delighted to get my first Irish competition result. That part of it meant the most to me. I miss home a lot lately, been a while since I’ve been back.

I was attracted to this competition because of the opportunities. Particularly those to be involved in public readings – be a ‘Featured Reader at Ireland’s leading literary reading series, the Over The Edge: Open Readings in Galway City Library, on a date to be scheduled in Winter 2014/15′. To be read by publishers—Salmon Poetry / Doire Press—and possibly be published. Getting your work out there is a huge pull for new writers.

Oh and the major sponsor is Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop a favourite of mine, and only The .@IrishTimes Best Bookshop in Ireland – tá siopa leabhar seo ar fheabhas ar fad. Kenny’s Bookshop are also involved, ace, and ship for free worldwide. Finally, this prize is from Galway—oh, how I love and miss Galway—and Galway is a literary great.

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