Reviewing – Adelaide Fringe Theatre 2015

IMG_2440No pressure Adelaide but I’m just back from Broadway where I saw Glenn Close and John Lithgow headline A Delicate Balance, and now I’m reviewing 2015 Fringe Theatre for I grew up in a theatre on the other side of the world. Starting out in acting at the age of 11. I’ve directed and stage-managed productions in the UK and Ireland. I also spent my 20s propping up the Green Room Bar in The National Theatre, London – which is less of a claim to fame and more a rite of passage.

Nowadays, I’m focused on my writing, and have studied its craft under the great and generous playwright Bryony Lavery. I’ll update this post with links to my reviews as they’re released so please do keep checking back.

Mush and Me by Karla Crome


4 Stars. Highly Recommended. 

Low-down: Me is a part-time non-Orthodox English-Jewish atheist. Mush is a mostly full-time first-generation English-Muslim. Girl meets boy at work and falls—well, they just keep on flailing—until they land … Click here for my full review on fringe

Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau

8178_Blood-at-the-Root_EFUL_WEB 4 Stars. Highly Recommended.

Low-down: Blood at the Root dramatises events surrounding The Jena Six Trials – six black male high school students were charged—as adults—with the attempted murder of a white male student, in Louisianna in 2006. Morisseau’s tightly-scripted, sophisticated piece navigates prejudice, apathy, and social mores through a noose hold of existential angst. Click here for my full review on

“Just let the wind untie my perfumed hair …” 8867_Tahirih-glance2--2-_EFUL_WEB by Delia Olam

3 Stars. Recommended. 

Low-down: 1800s Iran. A woman educated with her brothers—against common practice—excels. She starts thinking outside the box, is revered by some, shunned by others. Over time she becomes too big for her proverbial boots, not only speaking her mind, but calling for reformation and liberation; equality, even – for all…then they come for her. Click here for my full review on

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare & Reverb Theatre

3 Stars. Recommended. 8302_FRINGELOGO_EFUL_GUIDE__EFUL_WEB

A Shakespearean comedy of errors set in 1960s Australia – say what? 2 sheilas. 2 blokes. Unrequited love or stalkerish suitors? A love quadrangle – of sorts. A forest full of fairies, one ass, a few randoms and intoxicating floral love potions … They must be tripping.  Click here for my full review on

The Trial by Franz Kafka & Black Cat Theatre

3 Stars. Recommended. 8537_JefferisImage01A-C01B-FERS_EFUL_GUIDE__EFUL_WEB

You wake up one morning and are arrested for a crime you didn’t know you committed. Actually, you don’t know what the crime is, nor can you find out. Are you any the less guilty? Does the crime even exist? Does your innocence? Who is on trial – you or the system? Your name is Joseph K – you have been arrested.  Click here for my full review on

ODE – Voices of Gallipoli and The First World War by Holden Street Theatres

4 Stars. Highly Recommended. 

Ode-Voices-of-Gallipoli-and-the-first-world-warSoldiers go to wars to defend concepts of freedom and nationhood. What impact does that have? Remembering those from World War I, at home and abroad. Remembering those who fought, wept, and the unreturned. Remembering a war’s returned veterans and the states they came back in. A fundraiser for the repercussions of war –

Click here for my full review on

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