Adelaide Writers’ Week 2015 + podcasts

This is my favourite week of the year. Every year.


IMG_1672 IMG_1674

There’s always the hats, but the crowds are getting bigger and bigger. I imagine that’s because it’s completely and fabulously free. I spent all of my volunteering breaks lying in the shade taking in the clouds, sounds and words.

IMG_1678 IMG_1681IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1689



You probably can’t read this dude’s hat, but it says Adelaide Writers’ Week 1992 and has a little Penguin publishing logo.



Adelaide will always be best under blue sails for me.




Podcasts of the whole shebang are available FOR FREE here.

2 thoughts on “Adelaide Writers’ Week 2015 + podcasts

  1. Looks like a beautiful atmosphere for a writers’ fest. Last week was the Mountains to Sea book festival in Dún Laoghaire, which despite the outdoorsness of the name was all confined to indoor theatres. Adelaide looks much more pleasant.

    Any recommended selections from the podcasts?


  2. We have a similar one in SA which is in a beautiful coastal location, but held entirely indoors …

    Well, Roxane Gay and Julia Gillard of course. I also really enjoyed Ellen Van Neerven and Chris Flynn’s Australia-making discussion. Angela Meyer, you would like her writing, was talking about short short fiction. Are you still novelling it up? Or might you break out into a 2,000 worder rebellion?

    The best thing for me about #AdlWW is catching a talk you might not necessarily have chosen, but enjoy completely. So, I’d listen to them that way too – just click and see what happens.


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