things I’m tired of seeing in lit mag submissions

Reblog because:

  • Good to know
  • #thebetterinformedthemorelikelytosucceed
  • Unlike my writing #smileyface
  • Will suitably and more earnestly avoid becoming mainstream in future #ennuiwary
  • Renewed my faith
  • Free pitfall avoidance therapy
  • #morelikethisplease

things I’m tired of seeing in lit mag submissions.

2 thoughts on “things I’m tired of seeing in lit mag submissions

  1. Great post. Even as a reader if I get a whiff that a story is heading in the direction of child sexual assault or a child telling a story who turns out to be (surprise!) a person with dementia in a nursing home I stop reading immediately. I’ve just read too many of them. But that’s my issue. We’ve all got our pet peeves and I’m a repeat offender of at least one of the things on his list. I like that he took a light-hearted approach to it and readily admitted that many of the story lines/tropes he mentions do get published, including his. It’s always interesting to know what the view is on the other side of the submissions process.


    • I agree. I think more openness like this really helps writers, because often we’re submitting things into the great big out there with little or no feedback. So, any feedback at all, even just general advice is incredibly useful. I appreciate this information so much.

      I know I submitted a couple of pieces to my university magazine, way back when, I got no response at all and thought I must be completely rubbish. That was a long time ago and I’ve learned a lot since then. But, a simple – ‘please try again’ would have made all the difference.


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