Shortlisted 2015 Story Wine Prize – Overland

story-wine-prize-497x250It’s been a very exciting and rewarding week. I have been shortlisted for my story 417 – BVB – 820 in the 2015 Story Wine Prize with Overland Literary Journal. I am quite simply delighted.

We received more than 500 entries in the second year of the Overland Story Wine Prize, the calibre of which greatly impressed our three judges … After reading the entries blind, the judges have selected a shortlist of eight outstanding stories. Read more.

The shortlisting of all eight writers is viewable online here. Including my shortlisting which I’ve cut and pasted below.

Foley – Photo

‘417 – BVB – 820’

A desultory staff-cajoled Christmas dinner in January turns anecdotal look at Australian immigration policy post-2010.

Lauren Foley is native to Ireland, and newly Australian. Her first publication was the short story Squiggly Arse Crack in the 2014 Margaret River Anthology. She is also currently shortlisted for the 2015 Over the Edge New Writer of the Year Award.

A special congrats to my dear pal Ruth Wyer on her shortlisting. And, to all shortlisted writers, such great company to keep.


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