Varuna Residency Fellowship 2016


I have been awarded a 2016 Varuna Residential Writers’ Fellowship (Australia) for my work ‘Polluted Sex’ – a short story cycle exploring constructs of femininity in The Republic of Ireland at the turn of the last century.


Congratulations to the writers who have been awarded a Varuna Residency Fellowship for 2016.

This year we received 150 applications for Varuna Residency Fellowships. Submissions included applications from both published and yet to be published writers, and came from writers of all states and from diverse cultural backgrounds. Four peer assessors read each applicant’s proposal and the 30 fellowships were decided upon through criteria that included calibre of work, uniqueness of voice and clear communication of the proposed work plan. Thank you to all of the applicants who submitted their work for consideration this year. On behalf of all at Varuna and the peer assessment panel we wish you well with your future writing.

My fellowship was awarded, on application, and will take place during May and June 2016 at Varuna, The National Writers’ House, Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

My heartfelt thanks to all involved, and congrats to my fellow Varuna awardees.

It doesn’t get much better than this …

2 thoughts on “Varuna Residency Fellowship 2016

  1. Great news Lauren, well done! Do you know the stories of George Egerton? Two vols: Keynotes and Discords, v interesting on this topic (George Egerton was a pseudonym, the writer’s name was Mary Chavelita Dunne)


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