A little Varuna, Katoomba

I was awarded a Varuna Residential Writers’ Fellowship by the Eleanor Dark Foundation to work on my manuscript – Polluted Sex. It took place in Varuna, Katoomba, NSW, May/June 2016.


It was a special time shared with four—once strangers, now dear—writers: Heather Taylor Johnson (SA), Shivaun Plozza (VIC), Robbi Neal (QLD), and Judyth Emanuel (NSW).

What I came away with can’t be summed up. A residency changes you as an artist. It’s scary, and hard work; wonderful, and simple. I can’t do it justice in a few words, so I won’t try. I am changed. That’s all. And, it’s a lot.

Working on my short story collection, I came across this quote, and evermore agree with Geoff Dyer:

My objection is to people in the novelists’ camp with their unquestioned assumption that the novel, irrespective of the quality of a given instance of it, is somehow superior.

I can, at least, surmise that I’m even more committed to the short form since Varuna, making me an ardent ‘short-formist’ with the stature to match …? 😉

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