Still Worlds Turning, No Alibis Press, edited by Emma Warnock

book_size_A_V2-01My short story Molly & Jack at the Seaside finally found a home after 15 long years on my hard drive in No Alibis Press’ anthology of experimental fiction: Still Worlds Turning.

A snippet to whet your appetite:

Molly and Jack are lovers. His friends call him Jimmy. They go down, to the beach, close by the harbour, on Tuesday evenings, and wriggle in the sand. Molly and Jack are close friends. His nickname is Jimmy. They play on the beach. They like to play in the sand. They like the seaside. Well, then again now, he wriggles really, against her; and she lies there thinking of apple trees.

You can pay money to read the rest here & wherever good books are sold.

Still Worlds Turning, edited by Emma Warnock, includes stories by many legends and an introduction by June Caldwell: